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DIY Faux Italian Fruit Topiary

I can’t believe this worked!!! I have been wanting to make a diy Italian fruit topiary sculpture for a while & I finally finished one today & I can’t believe how good it looks!! I ran out of time to share it with you today so I noticed a few more touch ups I needed to make & I need to seal it, but I couldn’t wait to show you. The best part? It’s another EASY diy!

DIY Faux Italian Fruit Topiary Sculpture:


All I did to make it: I bought a styrofoam cone, planter, & faux fruit collected over time. I put tooth picks through the fruit to attach it to the cone & used hot glue at times to secure the fruit to the piece next to it when needed. After I was happy with the fruit placement I spray painted the entire thing white [glossy] like I said above I will do touch ups & seal with a gloss finish as well. That’s it! You can find supplies I used [HERE] & [HERE].

Some Tips:

  •  I found the best luck using tooth picks attaching the fruit to the cone over hot glue, but used a mixed of both ultimately.
  • I kept the leaves on some of the fruit for a unique look.
  • I tipped the topiary & rotated it to paint the topiary to make sure that I got all sides of the fruit coated.
  • I placed a fruit at the top of the cone as a topper & worked down from there.

You can find these Italian fruit topiary sculptures at antique shops, online [I shared some in stories for you], flea markets, & more for cheap, but they can get pricey so if you want the look for less… HERE YOU GO! The biggest expense is of course the fruit so make sure to catch it on sale & shop around.

Some tips:

  • if you are spray painting your topiary, the fruit can be ugly! So go cheap & just focus on shape.
  • search for “mini” or “small” fruit sizes as they are easier to work with this style.
  • make sure the bottom of your cone’s circumstance will fit/look good on the pot you choose.
  • You can purchase some they are not your style or that you want to paint white for cheap so you don’t have to make your own. You can see a bunch of fruit topiary sculptures I found for less than $50 [HERE] that you can give a makeover to. 

You can customize the look in so many ways with different bases, different fruit, different layouts, & more. You can even leave it colorful & not spray paint it. I want to make more of these with you! Let’s try a new one next week & maybe even make a topiary lamp like I have. What do you think? You can see my stories for supplies, authentic topiaries to buy or study [HERE]. I would love to see it!

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